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Create a Playlist on Mobile App
Create a Playlist on Mobile App

Create your own customized video playlists, to order, organize, control, and play videos, in the way you want, on the go!

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You can create your own playlist, to order, organize, control and play the videos the way you want.

To create a video playlist;

  1. Sign in Via the app.

  2. Tap on Account

  3. Tap on Playlist

  4. Tap on New Playlist

  5. Give your playlist a name, then tap Create.

  6. Navigate to Browse. Under each video, you will see a plus (+) icon. Tap on this icon then select the Playlist you'd like to add the video to, then Tap Done.

NOTE: You can create up to 7 playlists.

The playlist functionality includes autoplay. You can manually re-arrange the order in which you like the videos on your playlist to be played by dragging and dropping the videos.

To delete a video from a playlist Swipe left on the video on the playlist page.

NOTE: This functionality is only available via the mobile app.

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