You can cast from your IOS or Andriod device to your TV using Chromecast. You will need a Google Chromecast Device and a Smart TV with Chromecast built-in.

To get started:

1: Ensure the Chromecast device is ON and connected to WiFi.

2: Connect your Android or iOS device to the same WiFi.

3: Open the app, then open a video. Tap the Chromecast icon, then Choose Device.

If you are not seeing the Chromecast icon, this means;

-There are no devices available to connect to.

-Chromecast device is not turned ON or is not nearby.

-Chromecast & mobile devices are not connected to the same WiFi.

NOTE: Chromecast is compatible with Ipad and iPhone version 14.2 or later.

On your Ipad or iPhone, you must enable;

  • Connect to Devices on Local Network.

  • Allow app to use WiFi to find & connect to devices.

To check your IOS version, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.

If the version is 14.2 or later, Enable Access: Settings >Privacy >Local Network >Find App >Turn ON

Once Enable Access is turned on;

  1. Force-close (swipe up from home screen), then reopen.

  2. If you do not see an icon when you reopen, delete & reinstall.

  3. A notification appears when you open the app/connect to WiFi.

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