Coupon codes are used as a form of a discount on your subscription or purchases. You can only apply one coupon code per purchase. Coupon codes are applied at checkout.

To apply a coupon code:

  1. Ensure that you are signed in to your account via our website.

  2. Click on the video/content, the coupon code applies.

  3. Click the button displayed on the video/content. This could be Rent, Purchase or Get Access Now, etc.

  4. Continue the checkout process until you've reached the Complete Order section.

  5. Enter the coupon code in the Discount Code field.

  6. Select Apply

The layout of this page will be different if you are using your phone browser to access your account. The discount code field will be displayed at the top as shown in the sample photo illustration below.

NOTE: If the coupon code does not cover the cost of the content/video or subscription you will be required to enter your payment details.

Additionally, coupon codes can only be redeemed via our website. Coupon codes cannot be redeemed via in-app purchase through our app. This is due to payments being processed by a different system.

If you receive the coupon code via an email link, click on the link/button from within the email and proceed by following step 4 to step 6 shared above.

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